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The laboratory supports all the operators involved in the maize branch such as seeds producers, industrial companies and breeders in their analytic programs and quality process. It is also involved in the process of seed certification together with the official organizations. In addition to the analytical side, the laboratory has a leadership function in the branch at both French and European level. The laboratory is in charge of the implementation of ringtests, training and auditing. It is also called on as a technical expert on several topics regarding the maize branch, at French and international level.

The expert laboratory for the seeds and cereals branch

As a subsidiary company of Arvalis, AGPM and FNPSMS, the laboratory is in charge of the quality control on french seed grain and silage production.

In addition to analytical works, the laboratory has a leadership function in this branch and implements ring-tests, training and auditing schedules. It plays the role of expert for the A Class Maize Quality Charter and its 130 members.

About 25 technical employees and engineers carry out tests on 70 000 samples a year ; these are based on different French and European quality standards.


  • Pierre VINCENS – Manager
  • Thierry PEDEUTOUR – Director

Technical and office staff:

  • Eric PIRAUBE – Lab technical Director
  • Pilar CAMBET – Head of Department – Tests
  • Michelle GRECO – Quality and metrology Manager
  • Anne CLAVERIE – Office assistant


Support for the whole maize branch

The laboratory works every day for institutional organizations, seeds producers,               breeders, cattle feed manufactories.

Thanks to high technology and to specialized engineers and technicians, the laboratory offers a wide and constantly growing range of tests in line with the market requIrements and the statutory evolution:

  • Germination quality
  • Molecular biology and varietal purity
  • Quantification of seed treatment molécules
  • Tests on vegetal dusts or from seeds treatments
  • Mycotoxin quantification
  • Analysis of pesticides residues
  • Technological quality
  • Energy and nutrition value of forage
  • Physico-chemical analysis

A renowned expertise

The laboratory developed a specific accreditation policy for each type of market. This enables to guarantee the technical reliability of the results and makes customers satisfaction number one concern.

Accreditation and laboratory certification :

  • FNPSMS : COFRAC – ISTA – ISO – Ministère – GNIS/SOC
  • GERM-Services : COFRAC – ISO – Charte Qualité Maïs Classe A

The technical skills of the laboratory are also implemented through its R&D department. For example, the laboratory being granted the Research tax credit, the customers can have the benefit of these assets for the tests relevant of this scope.


Customized service

Customers’ satisfaction is implemented through 2 guidelines:

– consideration for the customer’s expectation (results deadline, type of report, specific requirements…)

– availability of technical staff for more support and extra service for the customers.