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The head team always commits to fulfill all its customers (institutional and private) to hold and improve its skills to comply with regulatory and standard requirements.

The quality policy involves engagement, motivation and skills of the whole team.

Our strength: quality acknowledgement or accreditation and certification obtained over the time provide the laboratory with an important and recognized skills capacity.

Indeed, furthermore carrying out testing, companies need a skill laboratory and dedicated to their own needs. As a management laboratory for cereals and seed sector it contributes to improve the testing methods but it is also a driving in R&D field and participates to standard work ,

The laboratory contributes to an expanded view of professional issues and provides them with scientific and technical supports, recognized at a national and European level.

Finally, this knowledge still demonstrates as well attachment as willpower of the FNPSMS/GERM-Services laboratory to maintain its referent position for the sector and based by its accreditation which contributes to the expertise of the French seed production and its international position.

Highlight on acknowledgement

  • French Agricultural Ministry approval and accreditations for dust testing. The official analyses required by SOC to achieve dust on seeds are carried out according to the ESA /HEUBACH reference method ‘Assessment of free floating dust and abrasion particles of treated seeds as a parameter of the quality of treated seeds’. In the frame of this seed quality control, the laboratory organizes as well every year the related interlaboratory comparisons (50 laboratories in European Union).
  • Approval of the Official Control and Certification department (SOC), and accreditation 17025 by COFRAC for seed certification, and ISTA accreditation for analyses leading to the issuance of Orange International Seed Lot Certificates. The analyses are carried out according to the ISTA methods, in order to obtain results allowing to control the conformity of seed lots to the European certification standards and also to issue ISTA certificates, for the seeds export outside the European Union, in accordance with OECD standard. The laboratory organizes interlaboratory comparisons (26 laboratories) for certification analyzes every year (see the GNIS regulation for Company Laboratories Recognition). These data contribute to the evaluation of the trueness of the results allowing the SOC to state on laboratory recognition.
  • Accreditation 17025 for active ingredients (seed treatments) analyzes. Testing for active ingredients quantification are set up using the LC / MS-MS chromatographic method and allow seed companies to control the conformity of seed treatment process.
  • Accreditation 17025 for GMO analyzes. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing are set up in accordance with ISO 21569/70/71 and ISO 24276. This accreditation particularly meets the criteria of reliability and traceability, for the control of seed lots purity.

Accreditation 17025 for mycotoxin analysis, GMO PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), promatest, water content.

South West Corn Quality Code : audits and training of members